View Full Version : For What It's Worth?

08-13-15, 01:53 AM
What is an idea worth?
If it cant be bought
Is it still worth it?
You cant sell it or hold it
you can only find it
Yet it can be more destructive than an atom bomb
but you cant control or contain it
It is more powerful than an army or all the nations combined
Yet you cant fight it or bargain with it
It can feed the sick, heal the hungry
And starve the wealthy
It cant make peace it can only declare war
It can bring a world leader to his knees
Dethrone him and crown a beggar as king
It isnt just it is only fair
It is deadly when spoken
And even more Dangerous when hidden
It has the power to redefine the world
It is revealed in the dark
And it hides in the light
It speaks in riddles written in plain sight
It's a childs plaything
But it still exists in our dreams
And yet
It is only an idea and has no value
No price tag
No name
It doesnt hide it seeks
Madmen know it but fear to whisper its name
It taints all who touch it
Changing them to never be the same
dividing those that keep it secret
Till they wish to forget
But those that embrace it,
are the ones that are free
they are the first among the rest to become giants in the land of the lame
Gods are made of it and angels covet it
fools try to buy it
Poor men try to sell it
As our goverment tries to steal it
But they cant stop time
For now we must bow our heads and say grace at whatever table we dine
We must close our eyes to see what's in plain sight
and face the truth
Our leaders may wage war against it
And try to surround themselves safely nestled in ignorance
As they lead us to slaughter and slavery
But in the end they will not win
because there is nothing more powerful on earth than an idea
They fear ideas
Because ideas are what makes men and women free