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08-18-15, 03:52 AM
I'm looking for recipes - specifically for smoothies and shakes.

I've SO been wanting to make smoothies/shakes for a while now, especially while it's still summer.

Any recipes would be great, especially your personal "favorite."

Also, I do try to use Soy Milk/Almond Milk as I am sensitive to dairy, but am willing to try a recipe that includes dairy if it's a good one. :) (I can take my lactase pills)

Thanks so much!!! :)

08-18-15, 05:31 AM
Have you tried blitzing frozen bananas with coyo (or similar), almond milk and some honey?

08-18-15, 11:17 AM
I make smoothies with no dairy or soy products, especially after trying to re-introduce them in small amounts and dealing with severe tummy issues as a result. The extra additives in the nut milks made me learn to steer clear and make my own from raw soaked nuts in the food processor when I want it. (May be TMI, but just in case your belly protests - mine didn't take too kindly to being forced to eat what it doesn't dig, then medicated to be soothed, either - for days it painfully reminded me)

It's so much fun to experiment!! I use a nutri-bullet 900 to blend them in. That tends to pulverize all the ingredients better than my regular blender, especially seeds, dates, etc.

Some of my favorites:

Frozen banana slices, tbsp carob powder, one seeded date, and a little snip of vanilla bean, crushed ice, filtered water.

Frozen banana slices, frozen pineapple chunks, tsp coconut butter (made with shredded unsweetened coconut in the food processor), crushed ice, filtered water (or pineapple juice).

Frozen banana slices, frozen dark sweet cherries, crushed ice, filtered water.

Frozen banana slices, frozen blueberries, crushed ice, filtered water.

Frozen bananas, fresh orange slices, crushed ice, filtered water. Can use grapefruit slices, too. During the fall, I like to add cranberries to the orange one.

Fresh cut watermelon with seeds, crushed ice (no water needed), and fresh mint leaves.

Frozen banana slices, frozen mango, crushed ice, filtered water, or mango juice.

That's all I can think of right now. Have fun with it and may you enjoy the tasty experiences!!

I also tend to add red lettuce, swiss chard, kale, wild plantain and grasses, fresh mint, and other herbs and greens to give an extra nutritional punch. Also, chia seeds and flax seeds. All fruits that are used frozen can also be used fresh, you just may need a little more ice if you want the frozen effect. I tend to dig the frozen blends much more than I ever did the smooth yogurt style blends.

08-18-15, 03:11 PM
My favorites are pretty basic. A smallish largish handful of frozen fruit and three handfuls of greens. Add a bit of water and blend. I hand a vitamix so it works well for this. Unsure if it'd come out as smooth/juice like in a regular blender.

As far as combinations, spinach goes with anything. Also kale, bok choy, and chard. Arugula has a pepperiness to it that works better in combination with other greens and/or with sweeter fruit, like pineapple.

08-19-15, 01:09 AM
wow! so, here's what that's supposed to say:

a smallish handful of frozen fruit and three largish handfuls of greens. .....i *have* a vitamix

thwarted by iPhone...

one other thing i wanted to mention: if you do have a high speed blender, you might want to check out a blog called "the detoxinista" she makes a lot of yummy stuff that's often vegan. if i had more patience, i'd do more of her recipes.

08-19-15, 03:14 AM
Thank you so much you guys! :)

Those all sound really good!

08-19-15, 03:44 AM
My favorite is simple. Almond milk, greek yogurt, ice and organic chocolate protein powder. Tastes like a good milkshake.

09-11-15, 02:34 PM
1/2 cup of Spinach raw, with a cucumber, 3 carrots, 1 cup of mango or pineapple frozen mix or any fruit of your choice.

Fill with orange juice "Florida Orange Premium" is the best kind for the buck.

You could also use half a thing of frozen concentrate with 4 cups of water.

You wont taste the veggies if you use orange juice. You'll get your full allotment of raw veggies and it will taste good.

Tip: use baby spinach as its easier to distribute and add the frozen fruit last. It will weigh everything down and properly mix

Also you can sub spinach for Kale if you'd like but both combined can be a bit too strong