View Full Version : Why do humans pet pets?

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Why do humans pet pets?


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there are numerous benefits to engaging in the human-animal bond. studies have shown that it reduces anxiety, elevates mood, and increases "being in the moment". you can look up what used to be called the delta society for all sorts of research on the human-animal bond. there are hundreds of them, with people of all ages and various conditions.

orwell and i used to do therapy work. i took him to see people in hospital. and, i can say from being on the patient side of that, having my dog visit was HUGE for me. orwell was certified as an emotional support animal for that reason.

we pet pets because they offer unconditional love and remind us of who we've been, are, and might be again. and, when you're not in a great place, companion animals offer some respite from whatever else is going on. if you're in the hospital, for example, it feels like a million people come to hassle you daily. when someone comes with a dog, however, it's not about symptoms or prognoses or treatments and blah blah's just petting a dog.