View Full Version : The Ball and The Climb

08-21-15, 12:12 AM
Sometimes you look at something old
And you see something new
Sometimes it is beautiful
sometimes its ugly but thats life
And its nothing new
Its always been there
Though you try to ignite a fire in their souls
Slowly you realize the world will always be cold
Because it isnt new its old
So you wake up
Barely able to face a day
But dawn comes any way
And maybe it takes all you had to make it through
Maybe it was never easy to say
But life was never new
Even if you never knew
It knew you
Even if you dont understand beauty
You know that it will always rest within your soul
Your salvation isnt out there
Its right here
Waiting for you
All you needed is something old
But something new
And whatever you came here for
I pray it finds you
And you lift yourself up high
And climb up to reach your soul
I hope you see something new in what was always beautiful

Sometimes you take punches beneath the table
Sometimes you wake up, barely able to face your day
But sometimes you do
Sometimes you ask for answers before you're able to look for the questions
Sometimes you close your eyes to imagine yourself fighting for more than just you
Sometimes you look back at the world and you see two eyes staring back at you
Sometimes you tell a lie and you close your eyes to pretend it's you
Sometimes life is whats in our world
And our world is just what we do
Sometimes you have to start again
Before you can begin
Sometimes you stumble