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08-21-15, 01:55 AM
Hi All,

My 6 year old has had a big change in his behaviour over the last 2 months.

He has never been a destructive kid but all of a sudden he has been putting holes in my walls, throwing things, swinging things around, breaking his toys, breaking his pens,pencils,rulers etc. Popping balloons and just in general being extremely defiant and negotiating absolutely everything.

He been on Ritalin since September 2014 he takes 15mg a day. Hes not dressing himself, feeding himself or cleaning himself without me doing it for him. Im going bonkers.

Does it sound like I should up his dose?

Any feedback would be great.


08-21-15, 04:04 AM
Have you spoken to his doctor about this? I am not sure that a dose change is the exact solution. Sometimes kids are not able to tell us what is wrong and they act out.