View Full Version : MacBook Pro 2015 - A better way to get organized?

08-22-15, 03:40 AM
For the past few years that I've been at university, I've seen a good chunk of students have their hands on Apple's MacBook Pro. I've been a PC guy my entire life; everyone gloats about its customizability and support for many programs. The only problem I've had is keeping it organized so I can use it on a daily basis. Lately, my PC laptop has been not doing so well and I've noticed it hasn't helped with my ADHD because I'd rather leave it at home and not really be on it as much. Here are the cons to why it hasn't served me well:

-it's bulky (got it as a gift in 2011--but as I've been taking more classes, it puts more weight on my back)
-my desktop is cluttered with folders, icons, and all these programs I don't use
-runs much slower than when I first got it
-power cord becomes problematic and difficult to have to deal with (tangles constantly)
-has now run its course: lost two keys, battery case is loose and now the AC input has been damaged, making it a hassle to get it to charge without the laptop rejecting its connection

After seeing that Apple's main attraction is its simplicity, I have now opted to want to purchase one. The thing, though, is that I know nothing about Macs, nor which one is right for me.
I've concluded that the newest MacBook Pro is my best best, but...which one?
What do you all think? My laptop now is a 15.6" Acer Aspire, so I've been generally used to the bigger laptops. But, weight-wise, I don't want to lug around something heavy.

What are your suggestions? Would this MacBook fit my simplicity needs? I keep thinking about the 15", but the portability would be my best bet. But I don't know how much more different it would be, compared to a PC. Thoughts?

08-22-15, 07:43 AM
Don't know anything about the new MacBook Pro but a guy I work with has one and loves it.
I might get one but just got a new IPad cause my old one can't update heaps of stuff.