View Full Version : Peep Show

08-23-15, 12:18 AM
The man takes a bow
He tells a cheap joke
For cheap laughs
At a cheap show
There was a time
Some remember
When the world wasnt always made of plastic
When people werent always sarcastic
When everything wasnt always so fantastic
Where did those people go?
I often wonder if they know
What happened to their world
When I look outside,
I see only places of what used to be
Cities somehow came to be monuments to our own suffering
I can see where there once was a grove
Where the birds flew
And where the river flowed
We traded everything to make the world a cheap place to live
One can only wonder
Was it worth it
When I look around I can see the audience is no longer laughing
Somewhere between the cheap laughs and cheap drinks
The mans true colors showed through
Revealing only red ink
And now everyones running
From what our world is becoming
And if we turn backward at our killers
We might see an oppurtunity for an advertisement for a product placement that wont bring our salvation
That brings our cheap destruction
All around me, the towers are going up higher now
We reach for heaven but forget earth
We enslave children at birth
And make people commodities and servants to products of their own construction
The people are running
But the show keeps going
The laugh tracks are still playing
The cameras still rolling
The curtains are now falling
The man takes a bow
As he falls down
I pour one more drink
And think
"Atleast the show was cheap"