View Full Version : The cretin in the sun

08-23-15, 01:05 PM
Our paths
They crossed too often, too much
That maybe makes you think twice Of what was faith within us when we rolled the dice
Do you see forgiveness
No neither do I
If I was your cancer and you were the sky would you say to me
be there for me my second sun
They say heaven is here
Only when the rain has come
And shadows are like curtains
That are never done
They shroud the dance that is to come
This silence is within us
Only the beginning
of whats never done
If I was a mystery would you be a flame
Would you give me advice and show me the way
This road is weary and im too tired to blame
Because words are within us
And love was just a game
The jealousy within us
It robs us blind
They say its a cruel world but nobody knows why
When you speak of salvation
Could you tell me why
Look at the sky,
Do you see heaven?
No neither do I