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08-23-15, 05:14 PM
and so here goes...

08-23-15, 05:15 PM
hey brighteyes

in you I do find blooming
that thing so oft a myth told
cherry tree blossom pure sky
winter frost rivulet make
you in a curl at my side
pale sun beam soft warm window
our breath is rhythm my love

08-23-15, 05:17 PM
this autumnsummer evening

walking with your hand in mine
in the light of a late-day sun
this is an autumnsummer evening
like no other

the heat of the day is failing
but still from our skin rises
warmth and the simplest language
of our bodies

the sky is turning dark yet now is
shot-through with streaks of light
all burnt-toffee and golden amber
glorious sunset

standing outside, just behind
I kiss your shoulder finding there
soft skin, sun-kissed and rich
with countless notes

both as subtle and as intense
as the endless chirp of an army
of prarie crickets singing your
boundless praises

I have lived the whole of my life
up to this point just to be here
with you now, lost in a reverie
and I am happy

08-23-15, 05:19 PM

inside me is this curious thing
a loom exquisite of simple size
its warp and weft both light and dark

to read the glyphs recorded there
would be to know who I really am
are your letterforms woven such?

08-23-15, 05:21 PM
they ****** me and then
threw me away like kleenex
trampled my flower

08-23-15, 05:21 PM

pink taffeta kiss
and lemon-dusted
crescents of gold

gumdrop so sweet
softly dissolves

honey-treacle bow
and icing-sugar
on lips so lovely

glaze drizzle and
fruits enrobed in
pale silk kisses

ribbons tied lazy
ever-circling and
morningsun warmth

08-23-15, 05:23 PM
broken wings

I am the collector of broken things
broken things
precious things

I find birdies with broken wings
broken wings
lovely wings

We hold one another as the nightingale sings
nightingale sings
melancholy sings

Always craving the pleasure love brings
pleasure love brings
feeling its stings

08-23-15, 05:25 PM

springtime swallows in fallow fields
know not the mirth of pensive glances
but widened circles of lazy drifting
might soothe the risk of formal dances

o how fast does the brier and bramble
snag filigreed stockings of pale cream
on scented stock secrets slowly writ
can only serve to snuff oneís dream

watch the pageant from safetyís distance
ever-winter the heart of a forest night
relax now, child, struggle nevermore
erstwhile happy, now for you only blight

and so it slips out and away, lo!
mourn not the passing of youthís soft glow
you were here, and sang not its praises
bled out day by day, your sleep comes slow

08-23-15, 05:27 PM
Dear Heart

Itís bigger than you know
Bright, glittering, luminous
And that is why you Suffer
That is why you hurt so

A single beam of light from
Causes wildflowers to bloom
Dusty prairie transformed
Deep inside me it is Spring

It has no stain or tarnish
You'll see that someday soon
Itís just more deep and pure
Than you can appreciate now

You feel weak, but you have
Supple strength plainly seen
By this eye, fixed so very keen
On one who is brave to me

You compel my admiration
You command my respect too
If you gave It to me to hold
I would clutch it to my breast

I love you with all that I am
With all that I dream and wish
Your dish of sweet and sour
Is nourishment, my daily bread

No satin-lined box with hinges
Of hammered brass could ever
Be big enough to contain the
Majesty that is you, Dear Heart

08-23-15, 05:28 PM

surely as the red-hued leaf reaches the sea
these doors thrown asunder and what do I see?

lazy autumn shimmer and spider web glistening
golden cascades ever-running feather-soft
slumber in a world of warm dichroic glass
where birds sing in trees grander than cathedrals

there under the window goes the nightskunk
and burning slowly is a wood of mossy jade
drown oneself in a pillowy kiss of ganache
whilst the peaty smoke of yesteryear tickles
but for your yearning and longing unsatisfied

fingertips can play the most languid lines
of narcissus and wisteria, all tangled so
enrobed and enraptured, oneís seeing-eye halo
ringing as a bell of mighty brass softly struck

could never capture the somber funereal air
of those who had drifted downstream ever anon
forgotten both in time and in mind as if no
petaled footstep on pathstone narrow winding
could lead back to the well where we dropped
and dreamt of deep shining radiant pools
with the humming of something unseen in shadow

but Iíll hold you close and together weíll pass
between the golden gates and out to the ether

08-23-15, 05:35 PM

you make me feel like a man I knew
and for sure, that is more than okay
I love the way you flirt
I love the way you play

if we could dance Iíd give you a whirl
youíre dirty-sweet and youíre my girl

I love the words you say and the way you say them
Iím eager to hear every line
and if our stars are right some starry night
I promise to make you mine

if I could play with your hair and give it a whirl
Iíd tell you youíre dirty-sweet, you naughty girl

but youíre precious, and youíre good
you make me feel like a good boy should
but youíve got a frisky tail and sparkling eye
so I say to you, gimme a slice of that pie

you make me laugh, you set my heart a-whirl
youíre dirty-sweet and youíve got me, girl

youíve promised me things that make me blush
and Iíve promised you things that make you wet
weíve got each other wishing things sticky-sweet
but donít try to reveal too much just yet

Iíve got to have you, my headís all a-whirl
youíre dirty-sweet and I love you girl

youíre dirty-sweet and I love you girl