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08-26-15, 01:33 PM
Psychologist or therapist; which is better???

08-26-15, 02:03 PM
"Therapist" is a generic term that can include social workers, licensed counselors, clergy, psychologists, occupational therapists, some psychiatrists, and sometimes others -- anyone who provides therapy. (In some U.S. states, it may have a more restrictive meaning.)

I guess my question would be -- what are you looking for in therapy? Is it for ADHD alone, or other conditions as well, or relationship or employment or other social issues?

If you are looking for a type of therapy or evaluation that only certain professionals can provide (e.g. medication -- psychiatrist or other MD; psychoeducational testing -- psychologist/neuropsychologist; ADHD-specific cognitive-behavioral therapy -- probably a clinical psychologist), that will guide your decision. Similarly, if you are counting on coverage from health insurance for your therapy, there may be a limited number of professionals covered by insurance.

Aside from that, my feeling is that more important than the official title or letters behind the name are
a) how well the individual understands ADHD, and
b) how well you connect with that person (in terms of personality, interaction style, agreement or at least collaboration on what your goals for treatment are and how to approach them).