View Full Version : Dexedrine is the BEST Amph For ADD.

08-29-15, 02:53 AM
I recently watched a very informative video on the differences between all of the big Dextroamphetamine based ADD medications, he broke down all the medications base molecules and explained the differences.

I forgot alot of what he talks about, but he explains it very well from a organic chemistry perspective, as-well as a drug history briefing.

NOTE while i used the term "Best" i purely meant from a compound based perspective. People react differently to each medication for various reasons.

But generally, Dexedrine works the most for people starting out on amphetamine based medication.

If you're interested in watching why i can provide the youtube link.

09-09-15, 04:44 AM
can you tell me how far in to hear the"money shot" part of what you're talking about? It its not cat or fart videos I have hard time being patient. ;)

09-26-15, 08:02 PM
Oh really? Well, if that's true it's pretty reassuring. Dexedrine works great for me on most days.