View Full Version : can I gain weight while on amphetamines?

08-31-15, 05:18 AM
I was told metabolism will be high when on amphetamine therefore I won't be gaining any significant weight, I'm aware of this. I've cruised up and down in weight and found that I look better with weight on me. I've seen my pics and compared when I had weight on me vs. no weight. As of late I have been as low as 140 pounds and this past winter when I wasn't on amphetamine I was about 160-170 pounds. I lost the weight by my will and by doing a ketogenic diet. I have been trying to go back to 160. I didn't want the weight gained to be "fat" but more lean muscles. I do work out hard. I appear muscular but seems as if the fat that I have goes to the belly area. I have looked into iodine and if I have thyroid issues which is possibly why what I eat turns to belly fat. So I have tried some Lugol's iodine. My metabolism had been higher, couldn't gain any significant weight, add that the Vyvanse I am on. So I dropped Lugol's iodine as I think I see an unusal bump on my neck area. From what I understand Lugol's iodine is for hyperthyroidism. I think I'm more hypothyroidism since the food I eat turns to fat. This is usually hypothyroidism. Hyperthyroidism usually mean people's metabolism is "high" which is why they can't gain weight despite them eating like pigs. The only benefit but I think it can be problematic as well. If anyone here know more about this let me know. I'll be visiting an endocrinologist soon as well to get a proper assessment but from what I understand the U.S. population is iodine deficient so I'm just going to start low with the iodine supplementation. I found Lugol's to be the strongest and Kelp to be weak. I'm not familiar with Nascent iodine or Iosol iodine, but from what I understand Iosol iodine is for hypothyroidism, which is what I should be trying out soon.

P.S. look for these supplements on Amazon and read the reviews.

08-31-15, 11:38 PM
Playing with this kind of supplement (and playing with it is exactly what you were doing) is almost certainly a mistake. If you suspect a thyroid problem, you have zero chance of magically fixing it by random supplementation with the wrong thing.