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08-31-15, 10:10 PM
I'm 42 yrs old, My doctor prescribed me Stattera for the first 14 days for a trial. I go to pick it up and the price was 286.05. I can't afford that. That's only for 14 days. I do have a high deductible so a lot of that will go towards deductible. For one month it's almost 600.00 dollars

Does anybody else have this problem with how expensive it is? Can anybody tell me how I can get it cheaper?

Thank you

09-01-15, 12:27 AM
Can you clarify -- you have insurance with a prescription benefit, and your cost after insurance would be $600/month?

Or the cost would be $600/month until you meet your deductible, and then less after that?

There is a program sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry that may provide discounts if you qualify (based on income, etc.):

You can also price-shop using sites like GoodRx; although Strattera tends to be expensive everywhere since there's no generic available yet in the U.S., there are still price differences between pharmacies and you may be able to find a cheaper price than at the pharmacy you visited.

There are some discount cards sponsored by third parties that may also work, but they vary in what they cover. If you search this site for prescription discount card you might find some threads where people mention cards that have been useful to them.

If all else fails, explain to your doc that these meds are financially out of your reach, and ask if there is another medication you could try that would be more affordable. Unfortunately, at the moment, there aren't other meds very similar to atomoxetine/Strattera on the market in the U.S., and I think there won't be a generic version of it available for another couple of years.

Good luck!