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09-03-15, 06:25 AM
hi my names Sam and I am new to this site. I would like some advise from some likeminded people who may understand some of the daily struggles I go thru.
Two years my child was diagnosed with ADHD a boy totally hyperactive hes on equsym xl 25 mg daily as a parent wanted to research as much as possible to understand my child, then I get to inattentive type which I feel describes myself so much I am unable to wake like my partner in a morning when he wakes hes up and ready where im walking round like a zombie for at least half an hour then I struggle with children trying to get them to school on time (most mornings there late by 5 10 mins) go home try to tidy round get distacted easily and day dream and before I know it the days over and the children are ready to pick up and ive done nothing really and when partner comes home he just sees piles of clothes sink still full and sees me as the lazy woman I so do not want to be.
I miss important meetings with school find it hard to start tasks such as decorating as I find it boring I have trouble organising things my relationship is at breaking point don't seem to be able to listen properly cannot start tasks witch take a lot of mental effort and I have major anger outbursts don't pay bills on time due to prioritising issues and then theres the social side of it as a young girl in juniors I felt ok a little secluded from everyone else but just put it down to being a shy timid girl but then I get to high school and every thing goes up the wall always losing pens books and teachers put me down in classes because I couldn't keep up wich made me feel worse so gave up on classes and left school in year 9 with no qualifacations they tried to get me to do different courses but meeting new people made me feel uncomfortable so refused to go.
At the age of 16 I fell pregnant with my first child and rebelled which ended in social services placing him in my mums care for 2 years I did get him back and started a new life with my current partner we had children and why all my ADD traits seem to be getting worse I had my children to hide behind now there all in full time education and I should be able to organise my house better and not put of til tomorrow what can be done today but I still do and then feel low depressed and worthless because I should be a better wife and mother
Now my question is does this sound like inattentive ADHD theres a lot more I could write but forget a lot (forgetfulness is a big thing for me as well likeforgetting where I put my keys forgetting to brush my teeth and not turning oven or chippan of when finnished

09-10-15, 09:10 AM
One little thing, if you wouldnt mind trying to add some paragraph breaks it makes it easier for most of us to get through.
Now, I am the last person to tell a new person that I think they have adhd because alot of people come here with generic symptoms and automatically think its adhd. In your case I am willing to make an exception because I identify so much with what you wrote and have experienced the same things in my life. The important thing is to look for a pattern pre-adulthood besides school. Were their social issues? Anxiety? Grade issues? I suspect there was. The adhd diagnosis is extremely hard to get in the UK but with persistence and guidance it can be done. I know more people have luck with going private but I am not sure how the general insurance is? I encourage you to post a question about how to navigate the UK diagnosis situation. There are quite a few members that are from the UK and being treated. I dont want to refer you to them without their permission but its something to think about. Dont give up.

09-14-15, 04:50 PM
Hi, and thankyou for your reply, I think I may have got somewhere with my gp at last.
She has finally sent me to see a mental health nurse, who assessed me and gave me 2 options,
first option was to see a psychiatrist who would rule out personality disorders
second was to go straight to the adhd specialist, only issue is it would take longer.
I did choose to see the specialist first as I can look back on my childhood and see where things started.
I just thought I was a shy timid girl in junior school so was a bit of a loner, when I got to high school things got really tough I couldn't fit in with any of the groups again a felt alone and isolated and didn't understand why so dropped out with no grades.
I am now a 34 year old women who is depressed because the only good thing in her life is her children and apart from them I have achieved nothing.