View Full Version : This time

09-04-15, 03:57 AM
Do glasses make me blind?
Do thrones make men kings?
Is sanity only present in the absence of a mind?
Is life not about what you came with
But what you find?
Is it always so wrong
To be right?
Is it wrong to chew before I bite?
Should I sweat before any work is done?
Should I worry about their hands before ive considered their thumbs?
Do I have to know what the difference between what is hate and love
How can I finish what I cant even start?
Do you need only eyes to see whats inside someones heart?
Did your glasses make you blind?
Did you wear them for too long or just to shorten the life of love?
Will we spend our lives afraid of splinters
While walking on planks within our eyes
Till we're both blind
I dont think we'll make it back to our minds
Not to sanity
Not this time
Because it comes and it goes
Without warning
Without whispering goodbye
Life doesn't wait for time