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09-07-15, 06:28 PM
Hypersensitivity to light. Morning, cool as a cucumber, can't even socialize. After a breakfast and coffee and shower start talking. The 'warmer' the light get's throughout the day the more emotions I can bring up until the night falls and my romanticism and fantasy take over and I become emotional (these moments I use sombreness in acting or musics with dark tones). Unless I'm w people, that always cracks me up. Cause I was downstairs talking feeling good. Come up, sit behind pc and I started w a feel good thread (which I hope catches on) and now feel depressed again. Wth ?! Seasonal depression [got suggested by psychotherapist once] or just sitting alone, or feeling excluded from this forum ? Does anyone feel easily excluded here ? Just sensitivity to light ? Anyone have this ?

09-07-15, 08:40 PM
I LOVE the sun, but have to be careful how long I stay out in it, most especially if I'm being active.

I worked shift work for years and used to feel like a vampire leaving the house in mid-day sun to go to work.

I swear I must be nocturnal because even after three years of having to follow the same rigid schedule as before, I'm still not having much luck in training my brain and body to sleep and function during what are deemed as "normal" hours.

Edited to add: I manage to make myself feel excluded from damn near everywhere at some point, unintentionally. My brain talks some heavy duty s*** some days. I'm getting better at choosing which thoughts to entertain and which ones to send on their way, depending on the day.

09-07-15, 11:56 PM
I feel 'dopaminergic chills' in the sun/warmth.

It's more than nice.

Like dexedrine which helps us to 'push on' ... ... light has the same effect.

(painting a shed, fixing bikes, cleaning paving was (and they AREN'T usually) simply divine)

09-07-15, 11:58 PM
Sunshine-exposure variation of human striatal dopamine D(2)/D(3) receptor availability in healthy volunteers.

09-08-15, 12:01 AM
My eyes can be very sensitive to sunlight.

09-28-15, 05:49 PM
I am most certainly a night owl. I have a paradoxical reaction to sunlight. I like it, some, mostly after 2 pm, b/c before then it makes me sick if I'm out in it too long. Or at best I feel sluggish. I can't stand socalled "normal" hours. There really need to be options for extreme night owls to succeed in the world.