View Full Version : Wishing Wells Stole My Lunch Money

09-09-15, 01:14 AM
Maybe you thought you owned life
Because you know you've paid
Maybe you worked hard
To keep things the same
Maybe you forgot the debts the others owed and the things they take
And worked to give because you once heard life is worth giving away
But still you are here
You feel the same
No happier than you were yesterday
More tired than you admit
More weary than you are wise
But your eyes look up at the debt
And still you pay
Its the only thing in life that stays the same
Times like today make it even harder to take
Because you know you're not like the others
You paid but only you paid
You never stole
You may have lied once or twice
But you know you should be owed something
So you borrow more gold
Than you can spare
You toss the coins in the waters and watch fortunes disappear
To dispair
Bit by bit growing poorer and poorer
You look around questioning life
Questioning this way
You look to others and see them do the same
Though you may
See different strategies around
There fate is still bound to the well
Strategy improves nothing
Some toss or flip their coins
Others are fishing in the water and use the coins as bait
Still you notice the same thing
This wishing well never pays
You know you paid but no one has won anything
If you walked away
Maybe they'll call you crazy
But your heart cant live this way
In that moment you realize you never believed in the well anyway
You know now
You were just afraid
You may have tried to keep score but everyones been doing the same thing in a different way
Its a fixed game
And the only one that wins is the ones that walked away
You take two steps back
And you let the wind carry you from this haze
You lift your head up to see more than you dared to see
You realize maybe the wish is in your hands and living is more than a dream
And you can become more than you dared to be
Maybe Lifes not about what you said or what you paid
Maybe life is what was done to create
Maybe life is made
And wishes never create
Even if we want them to
Life isnt about what you paid
Its just what you do
Its a thing you take
You may give but remember to make
Let go of the wishing and let life carry your heart away
For the soul sake of never letting your spirit and passion slip away
I hope one day you leave
Before the well takes more than you can pay