View Full Version : Gold Stars

09-11-15, 12:52 AM
You're an individual
Now listen
Pay attention
You're special
So follow us all
You matter
Even though you are small
You're so smart
Smart enough to get whats simple
Do you understand how unique you are
That's why we need you to be like everyone else
Take these words
And be the inventor we know you are
And repeat our design
Don't think too hard
We don't want you to hurt your mind
you might already define what we have defined
We don't want you to reinvent the wheel
you are too special
That's why we want you to closely follow us at our heels
Its like tag
We heard you like to run
You must be so strong
Are you strong enough to listen
And become one of us
You just have to stop thinking
So you can be the star
We know you are
All we need is for you to clean
The bathroom stall
Because every good star knows
It lives to serve the **** below
And it knows its place
Up high and far away
Appreciated for us to see
And smile and wave
Isn't that great?
And all we're asking
is that you know your place
and stay where you are
A star
And nothing more
Because you are only as important
As we know you are
Dont think too hard