View Full Version : Anyone taken Viibryd with Vyvanse/Concerta?

09-11-15, 09:31 PM

I currently take Vyvanse 20 mg. for ADHD-PI (though switching back to Concerta 32 mg. soon because there's no Vyvanse in Taiwan) and 10 mg. Celexa for depression/OCD/social anxiety.

I've switched between Vyvanse and Concerta for the past year and a half; I prefer Vyvanse when I'm in the States, but must take Concerta in Taiwan where I now live. I find Vyvanse a bit more energizing for PI symptoms (which the Celexa actually worsens), but the Concerta is ok too. As for Celexa, I've taken it for five years now...while it does take the edge off depression, I've found it does very little in the way of motivation (actually CAUSES fatigue), reducing social anxiety, improving sleep, and curbing anxiety. Libido is also an issue, so I took 150 mg. Wellbutrin for a while, which helped but made me a bit more anxious.

I'm intrigued by Viibryd, one of the newer antidepressants that supposedly helps with anxiety but isn't too sedating. Has anyone taken Viibryd with Vyvanse or Concerta for comorbid social anxiety? Or better yet, anyone switch to Viibryd from Celexa? Thanks!