View Full Version : adhd battle is finally about over!!!!!!!

09-12-15, 08:11 PM
Hello, my name is Shane and I have a son who has ADHD. I will make this short and sweet hopefully. He was diagnosed when he was in the first grade, and now he is in the 8th grade. He could not finish his work, he would space out in class, and his hand writing was unreadable. I would spend night after night at the table with him trying to teach everything that he had that day in school.

I would think that he knew the stuff and he would fail the next day. His doctor tried 2 or 3 different medicines over about a 7 year span. They did not do too much good. They had side effects and my son hid this from me because he thought I would get mad at him if he told me. I cried when someone close to him revealed to me what was happening.

I was at work one day and while having a conversation with him on the phone a co worker over heard me and him going round and round about the school work. He said that he could help me with my son, so I listened intently to his story about his child. I contacted this doctor that he was telling me about and they gave me an appointment that was a year out.......could not believe it would take that long!

I kept taking my son to his normal doctor and finally the doctor said I am taking your son off all his medications. He was taking vyvanse at the time to no avail....and the doctor said they are not doing him any good. The year finally came as my son almost failed the 7th grade. The doctor was a specialist in integrative medicine and to be honest I was skeptical going into this after all that we had been through.

The doctor did several test and found that my son was actually low in certain vitamins and minerals and had what she said was heavy metals (mercury) in his system. He had a gene mutation called MTHFR. The doctor explained from the test results why the medication that my son had been taking all these years was not working. My son needed serotonin instead of dopamine.

The doctor put my son on about 8 or 9 different supplements to correct his chemistry to the correct levels. I was really skeptical of this approach but after about a month my son started acting different. I did not have to remind him to take his supplements unlike his meds, and he would do stuff without me having to tell him. I had this thought back in my mind that i really hope this is working.

He started school and I was waiting to see his grades when one day his English teacher called me and asked me what did we do to our son. She said he is entirely different student from last year! He is organized and finishing his work and making good grades in her class!!!!! He got his first progress report and wow he is doing great compared to last year.

Parents i urge you to get a test done to see if your child has the MTHFR mutation. A natural pathic doctor will know what test to run. Google the MTHFR gene mutation and heavy metals they both play a role in adhd.