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09-14-15, 02:13 AM
Hi all,

I've been prescribed Brintellix (Vortioxetine) 20mg once daily for my major clinical depression (MDD). For the first 2 weeks, I was on 10mg daily; for the remaining 4 weeks now, I've been on 20mg daily as instructed by my doctor. I've been on this medication for 6 weeks now and I've felt no improvement at all! Nothing at all!

Has anyone here on these boards tried Brintellix for depression? I'd be most obliged to hear about your experiences of being on Brintellix. Thanks.



10-06-15, 09:49 PM
I've been on it for nearly two months now; first month at 10 mg, second at 20 mg. I too have not really seen much of an overall improvement over 150 mg of Effexor. The only positive is that it has given me a more "normal" range of emotions, but even that's been hit or miss as sometimes I experience a whole lot of emotions at once, which is as equally frustrating as feeling nothing at all.

Actually, if anything it has sapped my motivation, something that was beginning to return when I was on Effexor, but I was looking for something that was going to help alleviate my cognitive issues, which Brintellix has not done.

So, I guess despite it keeping my mood on the more positive side, there is really no benefit to it over Effexor, at least for me. And my wallet.

11-21-15, 02:41 PM
I didn't mean for this to be my first-ever post, but this caught my eye.

Did you end up staying on and/or feeling any symptom reduction?

My doctor prescribed me Brintellix for depression (specifically deep apathy during the day and then anxiety/terror when trying to sleep and getting up in the morning--this was drastic and unusual for me). I started at 5mg, moving to 10mg after two weeks and committing to two months to see how it went.

It was awful. The night/morning terrors went away for the most part, but I had digestive trouble, and the apathy deepened more than I would have thought possible . I kept waiting for something to 'kick in'. ALL I wanted to do was sleep. I've been taking a mid-high dose of Dexedrine-IR for years that I've always tolerated well and the Brintellix seemed to reduce its effect to zero; it was terrifying to take a dose of stimulant and then just go back to sleep.

I did take it for the full two months--you do sometimes really have to wait with meds like these. No soap for me, but anti-depressants take their sweet time. I titrated off very easily and coming off actually felt a bit like medicating for depression after all that. I'm back at square one now, but relieved it's out of my system.

You never can tell. Some people will have experiences like this and others will get their miracle. It seems to nullify Dexedrine, for anyone who's interested! I got a daffy, confused, who-cares holiday for two months.

Hope your experience has been better! Be well and warm.

11-24-15, 02:41 AM
My personal experience was very similar to yours. I tried it out for the initial 6-week period. No improvement in my depression at all! The side-effects were horrible when I stopped after my 6-week trial. Wishing you and the lost ‘me’ the very best.