View Full Version : Where do YOU go for professional help in NJ?

Way Too Flighty
04-25-05, 06:45 PM
Hi, have any of you gotten some really helpful professional help in New Jersey? ADD coaches, psychotherapists, cognitive behavioral therapists, perhaps a talented psychiatrist who is actually helpful?

I see the other posts that look like phone book listings of coaches and other professionals, while that is helpful, I think it would be much MORE helpful to hear other people's personal referrals.

Would you name those who have especially helped you, explain why these professionals are of better help to you than others, and indicate their contact information?

Thanks! I hope this will be helpful for all of us!!

04-26-05, 12:50 AM
I personally know of two ADD Coaches in New Jersey. I haven't actually used thier services myself but have worked with them in ADD related activities and both really know their ADD.

Lisa Kincaid

Cynthia Giardina