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09-15-15, 02:04 AM
How long does Quillivant xr take to work?

My 7 yr old son(48 lbs) just started Quillivant xr 2 days ago. We are starting him on 2ml(dr said we can go up to 4ml). I felt like I noticed improvement the first day and the 2nd morning he actually read a book in his room for 5 hours(not normal) when he's usually a busy body. Towards the afternoon tho he started acting extremely wild, like he was on crack. Talking fast running into walls, spinning and skipping. Today was Monday so he had school. His teacher told me she saw no change at all. When he got home from school he was bouncing off the walls like a maniac. It's like he's manic. More hyper than ever. He's happy but driving me crazy! Then he was up all night and couldn't settle down until I gave him 4 melatonin(I used to only have to give him 1 when he could t sleep in past)

So how long should I give it to work and do you think I should leave dosage at 2mg or do you think he needs more? I'm trying to figure out what's causing the major hyperness- not enough or too much. The whole point of ADHD meds is to calm the child down to focus not make worse. Please help!! Thank you:)

09-17-15, 07:30 PM
Hi. Find my other posts to read my jouney with my child.

The meds did work for your son. But the dose might be to low. Id go up to 4 ml. Thats only 20 mg is the normal starting dose usually and still considered low. Since you have permission from the Dr. to go up..maybe go up to 3 ml for for 2 days then up to the 4 ml.

Mine started at 1 ml. .last year and we gradually increased...he was good at 5 ml. But we are about to increase to 6 ml. We do a booster the afternoon..

Also..make sure you wait at least 30 if possible the whole 45 min. Before eating in the morning after taking it.. it makes a world of differance..

My child gets his at 6 am..eats at 6:40 ..gets booster of 5 mg fast acting ritalin at 3 pm and by 7 pm he is his coming off meds and is his impulsive self :) bed at 9 ..up again @ 6am. On weekends he gets it at 7 am. ..booster at 4 ish... no breaks.. :)

09-22-15, 09:30 AM

my son also takes Quillivant - he is 8 and is on 5ml. When he is on it - it's awesome. It's when he is NOT on it - that he is a mess - mostly mornings and late evenings. He is uncontrollably wild and anxious. I have an appointment with his neurologist next week and I may do a trial of Concerta to see if that works for him. My son does get a booster in the afternoon around 4:30 of 7.5 mg Ritalin and .5 Guanfacine which helps tremendously but he cannot sleep through the night and mornings are rough until his meds kick in. I guess you take the good with the bad? :)