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Sophie Louise
09-15-15, 09:38 AM
Hey there people. I've searched high and low for places like these for help and support. My son is 4 and hasn't yet been diagnosed with ADHD as there refusing to do any sort of tests until he's reached at least the age of 7. I'm more then positive that he may have it. His dad's side of the family all have it his behavior is somewhat different.

He will get up in the early hours of the morning run round the house making weird noises, he's volient refuses to potty train in fact he won't listen to any sort of instructions given to him from me or anyone else. He won't eat the meals that are prepared for him even though the majority or the time he chooses what he wants and helps to prepare it.
He won't concentrate on any sort of task and is easily distracted but when the word no hits the pot or he can't do something he wants, ALL HELL BREAKS LOSE. I thought this was normal behavior and it wasn't until the start of the year I knew something wasn't quite right. I have seeked help from doctors, support workers , HV and nothing seems to help! They tell me, I need to be more strict with him etc! But nothing is working we've tried sweet jars, reward jars /charts! Naughty steps/corners putting him up in bed ,taking away toys.. He just laughs like its a joke! I've now reached to sinking point where I have no idea what to do. And after a support worker making me feel the way he is ,is all my fault I don't trust health professionals any longer seems they just palm you off and give you alternatives instead of getting to the stem of the problem! Id like to thank anyone in advance for there comments advice or support :(

09-15-15, 02:17 PM
don't have time to respond now but read the sticky by me in children's diagnosis.

09-16-15, 12:25 AM
Sophie as I read your post I was wandering if his father is active in his life since you never mentioned him. I was brought up in the country and I new what a whipping was and I promise you my boys do too. Even my adhd son knows....I treat him the same way as my other boys. I don't want him to try and use adhd as a crutch in life. My boys will however try and get over on their mom because she is not as strict as dad is lol. I realize every child is different so I could totally be off base for your situation, but I just thought I would speak since I have lots of experience with boys.

09-16-15, 01:44 AM
Oh wow Shane, beating your children is most definitely child abuse. That is terrible advice.

Sophie, you need to see a different paediatrician/doctor as your son needs help now. You really need professional help with your situation to understand what is going on with your poor son. His behaviour sounds extremely challenging. If he has ADHD, seriously consider medication. A decent professional should also be able to recommend a parenting course or similar help for you to manage his behaviour.

Best of luck!

09-16-15, 08:55 AM
We each have our own ways of rearing our young.....and beat is no where in mine. you can actually use physical discipline without beating a child. our schools even use a paddle when children break the rules....