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09-16-15, 11:07 PM
There's little doubt that something significant and unprecedented occurred several thousand years ago which permitted human beings to field an internal map of reality - within our mind/brain.

Animals field (without realising it) an external map of reality - within their mind/brain.

Animals and people (when young and sadly often as many age) field a model of understanding of the world around which believes that there's a 'persistence' or solidity to the outside world - when in fact it's an elaborately sculpted clockwork mechanism - each aspect crafted.

Human beings seem keen on placing human beings into boxes - labelled IQ.

IQ - it is believed separates humans from animals - separates humans from humans - and throughout history has been used as an idea to justify increased worthiness of some people over others.

Intrinsically appealing to the individual who would subjugate others ('it's for their benefit - they know no better') ... ... and peculiarly (Stockholm Syndrome) often sought by those who would be subjugated.

IQ is assessed by measues of numerical, verbal and spatial reasoning.

Signature below - ADHD - sensitivity at the systematizing, empathizing, sensory levels.



The three branches of education.

So - we've 3 facilities - all characterized by learning (the learning paradigm of sensory / motor cortical - cerebellar balanced loop formation) in the original emergence of mind.

And courtesy of the generation of cortical microcircuits - we've an evolutionary leap in information fielded in these 3 systems in ADHD - or rather in the sensitivity which when challenged gives rise to the pathology associated with ADHD ie distress-mediated disease.

Underlying these basis 3 compartments to brain/mind is the desire to become personally (cerebellar automatising) BETTER at each.

Cerebellar automatising represents the capacity to 'do' without thinking - there's no irritating indecision - rather like riding a bike or driving a car - one just does.

What does cerebellar automatising (the experiential perspective) with respect to the 3 compartments of mind, in ADHD look like.

NUMERICAL - SYSTEMATIZING -> MATHS/SCIENCE -> previously described as 'not being too sure how one answers maths/programs' - the subconscious mind just does it without conscious intervention; both eeiry and satisfying - a state which one does not desire to leave.

VERBAL - EMPATHIZING -> SOCIAL SCIENCE -> the ability to write without (eg now) needing to 'think' - a state which one does not desire to leave.

SPATIAL - SENSORY -> ART/PHYSICAL EDUCATION -> the automatic state of painting or playing a sport - a state which one does not desire to leave.

Cerebellar automatising occurs when one banks a skill and can simply apply the skill without the irritation of having to stop oneself in one's tracks.
Leanring accomplished the mind can unfurl itself creatively.

So - Peripheral's SEEK/PLAY representing LEARN/IMPROVE; dopamine (the higher reward system) is at its most fundamental level - in man - and at the higher reward system level - wired into central nervous development - into learning - into becoming better.

Previously described - the joy of automatising - as the contrast between driving on a free road in the sun vs being stuck in a traffic jam in the rain.

In automatising state - balanced cortical cerebellar loops are used - in the imbalanced state - one finds oneself constantly stopped in one's tracks - unsure of the direction to take; it's a deeply unpleasant state of being unsure - even in tasks performed well - the lack of certainty detracts from the benefit felt, the reason being that underlying - regardless of quality of end-product - it's the quality of the internal structure which expresses itself through generating
- that floats our boat.


Education must strive to allow the individual to form - in each of these areas - a balanced state of mind - in which automatising (actually acquired personal quality) is gained ... ... because with that quality comes an increased/improved personal quality (of life).

In the absence of developing personal quality - the individual will lapse back into 'easy' addicting reward system activating behaviours (primitive reward system - classically the drive towards money,pwer,sex cf alpha (fe)male type) - in which the individual becomes progressively hooked (mechanism of addiction - dependence) on these.

The problem with the application of crude primitive reward system activating behaviours (by the one basic principle of physiology) is that resistance syndromes emerge which make the individual endogenously incapable of satisfying (transcending the primitive reward system) for themselves.

There's a path or a choice which we must take in life - and this path must be towards rational, moral personal quality acquisition.

systematizing - rational
empathizing - moral
sensory - quality discernment

The goal of life is to transcend dependence by adopting personal rational, moral quality ... ... but through environmental failure (eg most notably schooling - TED - 'Why schools destroy creativity ?' - note creativity = gaining ACTUAL (intrinsic) quality) ... ... ... {no need to finish this idea} ... ... ...

That's good.

lovely lovely chills.

Anyway ... ...


Shift the planet from global capitalism to global voluntaryism where all people work co-operatively and sustainably to supply the little we need.

Noting - we barely need anything.

The needs which human beings believe they have are manufactured by ridiculous business (management consultants, marketing, advertising execs, sales people) people.
Dragon's den - 'good grief' - more like toothless, greedy, rude money grabbing parasites.

Providing people with the space to pursue (with venom of personal conviction of hyperfocus) personal quality
-- by doing --
The central neural mass wants to re-arrange itself into beautifully complex, satisfyingly deep immersion within the sensual informational world.

And no artificial method (drugs, herbal supplements, homeopathic nonsense) will ever exist to get you there; the neural network absolutely requires learning (widest definition).

You gotta' follow your nose into fun - and then practice.

And one then gets better
- because -
... ... ... it's what we (the nerve) does.

09-16-15, 11:42 PM
Evolutionary capacity gained - enhanced informational handling capacity.
- underlying ADD.

Learning (intrinsic quality acquisition) paradigm enforced.

Cannot do materialism.
Materialism/Consumerism - generates people with no intrinsic worth.

09-17-15, 01:37 AM
Current society - and all associated practices supported within current society

- raising people within a counter-learning / vicious competitive environment in which beating other people by any means possible usurps the place of striving towards becoming intrinsically better.

The post-WWII 100 year 'Age of Stupid'.

Other people (whether they're better or worse than you) is/are neither here nor there from the strict perspective of developing one's own personal neural network ('cultivating one's own garden') correlates of individual quality; however other people can support you in becoming of higher quality - if the correct reciprocal relationship can be adopted with them.

Other people are easy to beat if you're sufficiently dense (in allegiance with the {...} [wrong reward system]) to achieve reward from beating other people.

Once again - we stare down the 2 reward systems - of genomic (where competition had some purpose) vs neural (very much our now) (where collaboration is explicitly our thing) growth paradigms.

Physical anabolic (Ins/IGF-1) (blood glucose/glutamate) supporting cellular differentiation/replication (genomic totipotency/cellular pluripotency)
Maintenance aerobic respiratory (Leptin) (ketosis) supporting (neural) re-arrangement

Lower vs Higher reward systems.
Primitive vs Modern reward systems.
Competitive vs Collaborative reward systems.
Selfish vs Social reward systems.

All synonymous with one another.

Intended - a transition.

However - the transition does not take place if one clings/develops the allies of the primitive reward system of the materialistic constellation of rewarding behaviours (the love/desire of money, power,sex).

Underlying these behaviours and unifying them with the anabolic blood glucose/glutamate model of growth of the physical body - is simply the idea of stimulation.
The addictively rewarding behaviours (the love/desire of money, power,sex) - simply gain their power from 'stimulation' (blood glucose elevation) operating over the anabolic (primitive,genomic) reward system activating mechanism.

And the problem with blood glucose elevation is - that whatever goes up must come down.
The higher up - the further down.

Where the higher reward system (of attaining quality) runs alongside a reward system which approves of and accordingly strives towards stability (overcoming the addiction spiral) in exposure/immersion within these (addicting) factors.

09-17-15, 02:39 AM
q u a l i t y


09-17-15, 03:43 AM
You are right, SB. Our brains are capable of unbelievable feats of creation, but we have allowed ourselves to be artificially stunted in our development.
Just take a moment to realize the enormity of that error (or is it a crime with willing victims?)

I have personally felt and perceived the earliest signs of what a brain can do when it is truly set free.
Once humanity goes that route, infinity awaits us.

09-17-15, 04:57 AM
You are right, SB. Our brains are capable of unbelievable feats of creation, but we have allowed ourselves to be artificially stunted in our development.
Just take a moment to realize the enormity of that error (or is it a crime with willing victims?)

I have personally felt and perceived the earliest signs of what a brain can do when it is truly set free.
Once humanity goes that route, infinity awaits us.

An unwitting choice.

09-17-15, 07:07 AM
My areas (strongest to weakest, based on a non-official test are):

Verbal -- Signif. Above Average
Numerical -- Signif. Above Average
Acuity -- Signif. Above Average
Spatial -- Signif. Above Average
Analytical -- Above Average
Technical -- Below Average

09-17-15, 07:09 AM
From another test:

Verbal Memory : 93rd Percentile
Executive Function: 2nd Percentile (no typo)

Interesting dichotomy.

09-17-15, 11:31 AM
From another test:

Verbal Memory : 93rd Percentile
Executive Function: 2nd Percentile (no typo)

Interesting dichotomy.

To speak one's mind only comes when we escape control ?

Be it one's own executive or by other people.

09-17-15, 11:51 AM
Under the cover we've this drive to be consistent.
But we have to be inconsistent in dealings with people ie to reflect their biases.

Can't tell any specialist in anything of one's view that they're specialists in nothing of worth.

That poses a problem.

We have to warp our minds out of shape to remain consistent -

- perhaps it's just that - that telling the truth helps us to structure our minds - makes us more capable of expressing consistent, coherent ideas.