View Full Version : Intinuvir XR (Canada finally has guanfacine, but only in XR form) aka Tenex in the US

09-17-15, 02:13 AM It's surprising this board has nothing about Tenex/Guanfacine, it is basically a superior clonidine, with less drastic cardiac symptoms. It is an exception medication in my province, like Vyvanse (for everyone) or Adderall XR for people over 18 (no IR here) where your doctor has to fill a form to basically convince the ministry of health doctors to allow you to have it covered for you. All this silliness when Dexedrine is okay for everybody like Ritalin/Biphentin/Concerta (all the same thing, although people who like Ritalin IR better much prefer Biphentin, a medication solely available here, too, I think, came up much before Concerta. Anyway, it is for either monotherapy or combined therapy with a stimulant, shire would prefer Adderall XR I imagine, I forgot if they're the makers of Vyvanse. It's good news though, these meds like Clonidine, and the stupidly removed from the market Clonidine patch, which made it like an XR medication, are much less dangerous than stimulants, weirdo antidepressants like strattera re-assigned to ADD/ADHD. Clonidine and Guanfacine are particularly effective for the H part and is okay to give to kids to me, unlike Ritalin and anything stronger. It's only sad there's no Intinuvir instant release, when I was having issues stopping an opiate script after a surgery, I took a very low dose of methadone for 2 months and they also gave clonidine for the bad side effects of opiate withdrawal (it stops the insane sweating from withdrawal), Tenex, as I read on the internet, is even more effective at that too, when I asked the doctor about it, he said, did you read about it on american website, I said "well, there's english speaking people from a lot of places but mostly americans yeah" then he told me, we didn't have guanfacine...of course it appeared 2 years later, but only for ADHD, it is otherwise extremely expensive over 150 dollars for a month supply (30 tablets, there's different strengths). Anyway, Canadians here who use clonidine in the evenings to help sleep when their stimulant makes them crash...and to me even Dexedrine started to give me harsh comedowns if I took more than 15mg a day, when my script was 2x10mg spansules in the morning, 2x5mg IR at 3-4pm if I had a lot of homework/had work in the evening mostly. I'm no longer able to take this dosage without drowning it in benzos. Anyway, I thought I'd share the good news and maybe guanfacine will get its own board.

09-17-15, 04:48 AM
We do talk about guanfacine, there just isn't an official slot to file those posts in because forum software updates and re-organization plans are moving at a slow and unpredictable pace.