View Full Version : adderall + period = totally ineffective?

09-17-15, 11:23 AM
Hi Ladies ...
I'm noticing that my adderall is doing nothing for me during my PMS / cycle. Any insight?

I can't be having a couple of weeks that are completely useless ... grad school just doesn't allow for that.

09-17-15, 11:42 AM
It was worthless for me during that time of the month when I was still taking it, too. Hormonal hell took everything to a whole new level of madness for me, most especially the peri-menopausal stuff.

It all just gets more intense as you age, from my experiences. I wasn't diagnosed and prescribed adderall until the ripe old age of 43, though. Being extremely mindful of sleep, food intake, activity levels, deep breathing, herbal supplementation (with guided expert assistance), hot salt baths with herbs and oils, and learning more about my emotional triggers were my saving graces. Best of luck in finding relief.

09-17-15, 12:04 PM
I experience this as well although about 6 months ago just for sh*ts and giggles my gyn tested my fsh because my periods did whatever they wanted and...I am in perimenopause! I told him I was too young for that but he said sometimes it can start early. Bad news for me....this means years of hot flashes, periods coming and staying however long they want, night sweats and absentmindedness. YAY me.

09-17-15, 05:30 PM
I don't think it's LESS effective for me, but it definitely doesn't work in the same way. Today it seemed like it worked TOO well and I got super-anxious--but that could be the fact that I had Excedrin for my migraine (contains caffeine) PLUS a mountain dew PLUS a coffee PLUS my asthma inhaler (which causes your body to release cortisol to suppress your immune system, so shakiness/nervousness are super-common side effects). Also, the fact that this is one of the most stressful months of my life could be part of it.
But yeah, generally it doesn't "feel" the same on/before my period.

09-21-15, 10:39 AM
I hear ya. My system is so messed up from being on depo for so long. They treated me for early menopause 5 years ago. As I tried hormones, birth control pills etc, I just got worse. I went on the nuvaring, and that thing is just worthless in my body, it kept falling out when I worked out -- GROSS! I eventually got on the vivelle dot and felt decent. The better I felt the more I wanted to get off everything and let my body rest. So, with the help of Mayo Clinic Women's Health, I got off everything. I see a "cycle" returning and my hormones are a holy roller coaster -- I didn't like how the BC made me feel, but I'm thinking I need something and hope it will help my adderall be more effective... I took an adderall Saturday drank coffee and napped. Normally, It's awesome, but now ... what the hell?????