View Full Version : My son won't eat on medication

09-18-15, 10:30 AM
I have two boys with ADHD - both are on medication. As a result, they are NEVER hungry. Any suggestions on what to feed them to get calories in them (healthy calories)? We've tried time shifting meals (they aren't hungry at breakfast or late at night).


09-24-15, 10:49 AM
Yup, we're going through similar issues, though it has improved as of late.

At start of medication, our son would hardly eat for Breakfast, almost nothing for lunch, then come around 4-5 pm, was almost constantly hungry until he went to bed. Weight did not go down, but did not go up either. He's a little skinnyer than before, but doctor says he's well within normal.

Past month or so, we've started doing the following.

Wake up at 7:10am, meds almsot immediately, and right after we put something in front of him he really likes (for him either a bowl of strawberries or Pillsberry Hot Dog Wraps). That way he's almost having lunch for breakfast.

When he comes home at 3pm, wife gives him his dinner, then he eats dinner v2.0 at around 7pm. Then snacks of fruits and stuff when he goes to bed.

Definately not ideal compared to most families, but it gets the calories into him and that's whats important right now.

09-24-15, 11:28 AM
protein shakes made with real icecream. My son went through this. We used to give him 2 milkshakes a day with protein powder, icecream a little chocolate sauce and milk and ice. He thought it was pretty special.