View Full Version : How quickly do you titrate up Lamotrigine?

09-18-15, 09:08 PM
I'm currently trying out Lamotrigine for unipolar depression.
But I am only at 25mg. My doc told me to start at 25mg and then increase
5mg per week! He said you must do it very slow cause of the risk of steve johnson syndrome. However 5mg per week is ridiculously slow.
This way it will take months for me to even arrive at 150-200mg, this is my target dose.
Some authors recommend increasing 5mg per week, other recommend 25mg per week! This is confusing.

How fast did you do it?

And what can I expect from Lamotrigine? What confuses me is that in the side effects list it says it can cause aggression! This is the opposite of mood stabilizing! I worry that it could make me more impatient or aggressive.

09-19-15, 12:50 AM
It's not a med that you can speed up in dosage. I titrated slower and felt a little more stable after the 2nd week. I didn't feel like I was on anything. It was a very gradual progression in my mood swings becoming better. Just a bit more calm when before meds I could have been triggered. My anxiety is drastically better. But it was really bad prior to taking meds.I did get a rash in the beginning, but it was minor and went away after a week or so. I take it in the morning and all is good. I sleep much better being on it too.

It's not a medication to mess with the dosage. Listen to the doc. :)

Good luck

09-19-15, 10:54 AM
Over a period of 2 months I reached my optimal dose of 500mg.