View Full Version : How can we minimise rebound for our son age 10...

09-21-15, 10:41 AM
Our son Louis has been diagnosed with ADHD and has gone from using 3 x 10mg Ritalin through to 36mg Concerta XL. He has been on Concerta for 12 + months.

We give medication to enable him to access education, but our experience in the mornings and evening when he is on medication is not good.

We give Louis his tablet at 07:30 and this starts to kick in at 08:00 - 08:15 ish, during this time he is hard work / oppositional... (I guess you will have heard this all before).

From 17:00 he starts to suffer rebound and and again becomes less predictable / oppositional etc. by about 21:00 his appetite returns and he eats a full meal. Put simply its hard work for us and not much fun...

When we give Louis a break from medication during the holidays, he does not suffer these down periods.

As parents we are reluctant to give him another dose of Ritalin in the evening for fear of effecting his sleep / appetite further.

Anybody had any success with this situation?

09-22-15, 09:49 AM
We had a terrible time with rebounding as well and found that .5 mg of Guanfacine totally took away the rebound effects for him (DS is on 5ml Quillivant in the am - Ritalin 7.5 mgs as an afternoon booster - we give the .5mg Guanfacine at the same time).

09-23-15, 06:37 AM
Sometimes people can be sensitive to the methylphenidate class of drugs, I know I was. I do much better with ampehtamines.