View Full Version : starting on ritalin and daughter has more anxiety

09-21-15, 12:41 PM
My daughter is 16. She was diagnosed 3 years ago with adhd ,but was to scared to go on meds. She has managed the symptoms herself for the last 3 years. She finally has had enough and agreed to try medication. We have been prescribed 5mg of Ritalin 2x a day for the first 3 days then 10mg 2x for 3 days and so on slowly increasing.
We we started on the weekend. We didn't do the morning dose because she wasn't up, so we have only tried the noon time dose for the last 2 days.
She and I didn't notice much of anything until the med was wearing off. She has had a lot of anxiety in the evenings and she also said she felt depressed and ANGRY for no reason. Also, more intrusive thoughts.
Will this subside as she gets used to it? Or is this something that indicates its not right for her. I certainly don't want to increase the dosage if its already bugging her. Going to call a professional, but I just wanted to hear from all of you.
This is a very scary process for both of us, and I am just hanging in there. :(

09-23-15, 06:38 AM
This is a warning sign. I know for me, ritalin made me very agitated and moody, it can be like that for some people. Maybe trying an amphetamine would be a good option?

09-23-15, 11:15 AM
My daughter had a horrible day at school. She threw something at her besy friend and had a texting war with a group of her girlfriends. Not giving her anymore untill i hear from the doctor.

02-11-16, 10:50 PM
Yes yes and yes. Mine is 13 and same experience. We are not taking any more and insisting on a no stimulant. (We tried vyvanse already.)