View Full Version : Has anyone found peace?

09-21-15, 09:15 PM
Has anyone found freedom? I think that much of life is perspective. For example, and don't ask me how, but I came across this video on YouTube

And I couldn't help but try and place myself in the shoes of someone who was actually watching it for real advice because going to prison was their reality. And it made my problems seem much less. And it also made me feel compassion and sympathy for those in this situation and the people in the video. The reason I post this is because as I watched it, I felt compelled to help people who suffer and was wondering if anyone out there has dedicated their life to helping others and how much it has helped with the anxiety and depression linked to add-pi?

09-21-15, 11:21 PM
I have not dedicated my life to helping others, but when I do help others it is a great weapon against ADHD-PI related anxiety and depresson.

There are times when things go wrong - for example I recently helped a lady escape from an aggressive female panhandler, which triggered a Complex PTSD meltdown in me when the panhandler started yelling in my face.

But in the big picture, helping others helps yourself more than hurts yourself I think, and a lot of the worlds best teachers seem to encourage helping others.

09-22-15, 11:17 AM
I went to medical school for this reason. I found helping myself with the proper medication and counseling to be a better method, but it also allowed me to be present for those in need of help.

09-22-15, 11:21 AM
Where do you draw the line between self-help and a need for medication?

09-22-15, 11:43 AM
I learned that I struggle in trying to help others under the rules of another. Hence my resignation from my former job at a residential vocational rehab. Learning how dreadfully the system works took me down into a depressive hell of my own, triggered many things from past abuse, and rendered me helpless in helping my damn self for a bit.

However, it hasn't squashed my helpful spirit nor my desire to reach out. I'm constantly seeking ways to help others that doesn't involve the same mindset that most subscribe to. Learning how to balance what I can realistically do with what my heart recognizes as a need is the trickiest part. So much pain surrounds us.

09-22-15, 11:46 AM
Peace with myself ? Sure. With life ? Addicted. With society ? I'll fight till death

My most prominent difficulty lies with one of the things I like most in this world, people. Especially the less empathetic ones or those whom just don't seem to think.

09-22-15, 02:40 PM
I don't know if you can call it freedom but I am in a much better place today.
I work with kids mentoring and coaching. I have always worked with kids. Abuse shelters, juvenile detention centers, underprivileged, school, sports you name it I have always been involved with kids.

It does help to know that when I leave this earth one day people in my community will be better and hopefully make this world a better place.

I always ask the older kids, some in prison, what do you want people to say about you when they get up to speak at your funeral?

That's how you should live your life. I still mentor them, some who are adults now in the prison system. I even go as far as to take there sons in to visit them hoping to keep a relationship going so when they get out they can be the parent they should be.

Its tough, its not easy and there is always disappointment, but I try not to focus on the negative. I embrace the success stories and yes it definitely keeps me going and helps me sleep at night!

09-22-15, 02:50 PM
Not really but I've sort of made my peace with the fact that I will probably never be at peace. :)

09-22-15, 05:06 PM
If always pushing myself further while ok with what I am now yet determined to improve for what I am [have] to become, if that is peace, sure.

09-22-15, 05:53 PM
If you decide that helping others is what you want to do, then you should absolutely do it. The only possible problem with it, something that you must constantly watch out for and guard against, is this: If helping others, or any of the results of helping others, ever starts to become harmful to yourself, then you have to correct that situation right away.

If you like something, you can decide to lose it - that's your choice. If you want something, it's fine if you end up never getting it. But sacrificing your own real needs to help others is not a way that anyone can work.

You may find that your real needs are relatively small and simple, and that's fine. Just never forget they are there.