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09-22-15, 09:38 AM
Looking for anyone who has experience with an ADHD child who DOES NOT SLEEP!

DS is 8.5 - takes 5ml Quillivant at 8:20am each morning - does AMAZING in school with this medication (and we tried a lot of different ones - this with the best results). He gets a booster at 4:15pm (this is when he gets home from school) of 7.5 mg Ritalin and .5 Guanfacine which helps with rebounding. At around 7:30pm, we give him .5 Clonidine (we have tried Guanfacine as well) and 3mg Melatonin at bedtime which results in 2-3 hours of sleep. Then the night games begin - he is WIDE AWAKE around 12am EVERY NIGHT. Wide awake - can't sleep, afraid of everything and wants to sleep with us. He will remain awake for the next hour, fall asleep for a little while, back up again and pretty much continues through the night. This is going on for the last year pretty much - we have tried a few meds - even no meds - nothing works.

Does anyone have experience with this? I am going to talk to his neurologist again about maybe upping the Clonidine but I can't imagine it will work. Looking for any suggestions or experiences people might have.

Signed, Two very tired parents :eek:

09-22-15, 03:17 PM
Is there any way to reduce the Ritalin booster but without eliminating it?

09-22-15, 03:38 PM
I had a son who didnt sleep well. First thing we did was cut out any after school dose of a stimulant. Yes he needed it, but not as much as he needed sleep. Then we had to institute a nazi-like bedtime routine that we did not budge from no matter what. It was hard in the beginning. First we started with warning him that bedtime was going to be at 830. We started this at 7pm. He had to take a bath and only had 1 half hour of tv. No tv or electronics in the room (which I dont believe in anyway). After the tv we went into his room and read. Sometimes I would read to him and other times we would each read our own stuff. The point is to calm the day down. I set the alarm and woke him up at 6 everyday. No matter if he didnt sleep until midnight the importance of waking him up at the same time everyday and having him go to bed at the same time was creating a routine. So up at 6 and in bed by 830. If he came out of his room, I would walk him back, tell him he had to go to sleep and leave. I did this over and over. It sucked for sure, but after a few months it paid off. I never had to deal with bedtime meltdowns because he always knew what was coming. This is not easy but it does work.