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09-23-15, 10:35 PM
I currently on 54mg of Concerta a day. I have not received a formal diagnosis of ADHD, but I have gone through a formal screening with my college and they thought my symptoms were enough to suggest an extensive screening. My family doctor is the one who prescribed me the concerta, well it's a generic form of methylphenidate. I am not entirely sure what it is. But, I do know it wears off really quickly. I take it around 8 or 9 in the morning and it's usually gone by 3 o'clock. At that point, I get pretty groggy, irritable and tired. I even become overly emotional. On it, I am very level headed and easy going. I feel as though there are many people on two 54mg pills a day. I am 6'5" 235 pounds. I know people much smaller than me who have been on two. However, I don't want to come off like a drug addict or something to my doctor and I don't feel comfortable approaching him about this without the formal screening being completed and that's not for another month.
P.s. I know it's not the concerta's fault I become emotional and irritable because that's how I was before I started it and that's why I'm a fan. My personal and educational relationships have approved across the bored. But, come three o'clock I usually avoid people because I'm afraid my short temper will harm my recently improved relationships with them.

09-23-15, 11:28 PM
Absolutely discuss it with your doctor. If you need symptom coverage for a larger span of your day, explain that to your doctor, and what aspects of your situation merit it.

I am very much on the side of 100% transparency and being forthcoming with one’s doctor, such that they have the most information possible on which to base decisions.

That said, certainly my thoughts in this regard are influenced by the fact I have a wonderful doctor, and I know that not everyone can say the same, but if you approach your doctor with legitimate concerns, expressed thoughtfully, I think you will be acting in your own interest in the best way possible.


09-24-15, 04:46 AM
A couple of things. If you are on regular generic methylphenidate, then it wouldnt last more than 4 hours. I cant remember the specific name of generic concerta but yes, that is also a type of methylphenidate, except extended release. Even though its extended release, expecting one dose to last you 7-8 hours is alot. Even if concerta is supposed to last longer, my experience is it does not last as long as its says its supposed to.
Now, mood wise, I did not do well on anything in the methylphenidate class of drugs. They worked great and I would still be taking them if I didnt suffer so much as I crashed. I became weepy, moody,agitated, it was bad stuff for me. I am on dexedrine now, and I was on adderall and the amphetamines dont seem to cause any of those issues. Either way, follow up with that evaluation and talk to your doctor asap.