View Full Version : Buproprion and Dysphagia

Frustrated One
09-24-15, 04:44 AM
Anyone have difficulty swallowing with Buproprion?

I have never been on meds before, but I have been on this for 6 weeks (2 wks at 100 mg, 2 wks at 200 mg and 2 wks at 400 mg) and it has dome absolutely nothing for me. I mean NOTHING. The only thing I have gotten out of this is difficulty swallowing to the point where I panic. I am not the panicky type, but when I keep trying to swallow and nothing happens, I freak out. Today marks 6 weeks. I am done.

I wonder if it will effect me if I just quit instead of weaning off. I am sure it matters, but since it didn't work, it would seem logical that it wouldn't do anything by abruptly quitting, but i am sure that is not the case.

09-24-15, 10:15 AM
It is dry mouth?

Frustrated One
09-24-15, 11:56 AM
No. No dry mouth at all. Just have difficulty swallowing at times. Sometimes I think it is worse when I think about it.

Regardless, I am done with this med. Did not take any this morning.

09-24-15, 05:50 PM
I’ve never had that with bupropion, but I had an overwhelming experience with gagging and inability to swallow on escitalopram, so I can appreciate your choice to discontinue—that’s a deal-breaker. I didn’t last more than 3 days.


Frustrated One
09-25-15, 02:40 AM
Talked to pdoc's nurse today. I told him I was going to stop. He suggested I titrate down starting at 200 this week and then 100 the next. I told him I needed to doc to put in another med for me. MFT says Straterra or go a step up for the speed. Since I have never been treated for ADHD before, I am anxious to see if there really is a way to improve my inattention, impatience, irritability and disorganization. I hear the stories, but so far i cannot imagine.

Frustrated One
09-25-15, 04:27 PM
pdoc called me today and left a message. Said it is okay to just stop the Buproprion, but will not prescribe anything else without seeing me. Don't have another appt. for another month. Don't know if I will ever get to find out what it is like to not be this way.