View Full Version : Annoying Twitch/Tic

09-26-15, 02:34 PM

I have a really annoying habit. Not sure if its a tic, nervous twitch, or just a habit. Difficult to explain but I push/puff out my throat, like a frog does. A lot of the time it just does it but if I am tired, hot, stressed, or oddly really rlaxed, i do it and know I am doing it (as If I am controlling it). Its noticeable and I used to be self concious. now I am just annoyed by it and want to stop.

I am on concrta XL, have been for 4 years but have been 'frogging' since I was a kid (47 now!)..

Any help out there?


09-27-15, 07:04 AM
Some Tourette syndrome type of thing maybe? Have you asked your doctor about it? The fact that it bothers you suggests it could be more than "just a habit."