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10-01-15, 06:09 AM
Last year, when I began reviewing my overall health, one of the first things I did was look into magnesium. Magnesium is an extremely important mineral that nowadays, with reduced levels of food quality, the vast majority of people are deficient in.

I can barely even begin to enumerate all the things that it does for you. Essentially all organs, nerves, muscles and fibres of the body need it. The two items that especially caught my attention are:

1) Magnesium helps to properly balance out calcium. Too much calcium is very unhealthy, yet on the other hand it is often supplemented for good reason. What is necessary, however, is to maintain a good Ca/Mg balance. Recommended is 1:1.

2) Magnesium is readily depleted through the use of medications. Especially the ones containing fluoride form bonds with the magnesium and so wash it out of the body. This is one of the biggest risk factors for magnesium deficiency.

I have tried to find a decent link for everyone to find information but it became obvious to me that a good number of otherwise very excellent articles were found on highly commercial sites. I did find one which is non-commercial and still useful though, the nutritional magnesium association. (
It is to be recommended to thoroughly read the whole site.

It is both easy and safe to remedy a magnesium deficiency. Of course, you can review your diet, that is one option.

Another option, which is quick and efficient, is to take Magnesium supplementation. I do this transdermally, by means of spraying magnesium chloride solution on my skin. The reason for doing this is that its difficult for the digestive system to process large doses of magnesium.

Transdermal application means that the magnesium is readily absorbed through the skin into the tissue. Of note is that, when you get a stinging sensation, it is a sure sign that you have a localized magnesium deficiency. Do not worry about overdosing, on magnesium that is pretty much impossible.

10-01-15, 06:37 AM
Sarek! Hoi!

Ik gebruikt mijn powder van magnesium elke dag.
As I use this for pretty much what you have said and more. Elemental magnesium helps alot but it has be in my experience combined with a balanced diet or else it is not as effective.

10-01-15, 10:00 AM
I have to echo johnny's sentiments regarding trying to do both for much more success with it.

I remember trying magnesium and other various forms of supplementation prior to changing my eating habits, and I didn't experience nearly as much relief at that time, although I could still feel some benefits, which prompted me to continue foraging through the diet stuff.

After making it a point to carry on with cleaning up my food intake, too, I definitely felt increased vitality and wellness.

I remember reading somewhere, in my never ending pursuit of more info, that emergency rooms used to give patients bags of magnesium through their IV instead of saline solution. Would be interesting to know what led to changing it, other than the obvious reasons I've formed in my own mind.

10-01-15, 11:48 AM
I've tried Magnesium, in a couple of different forms, and never noticed any
benefit. Guess it's something I don't actually need.

But doesn't it feel great when you start taking something that does help,
whether it helps anyone else or not? I'm that way with Omega 3, it's great
the way it helps me, but others say it doesn't benefit them at all.

01-12-16, 04:53 AM
I noticed positive effects within a month of taking magnesium citrate daily, although at that time I was also adhering to an overall healthier lifestyle, so it's impossible to discern what had which effect.

I'm still taking the magnesium, though... when I remember. ;)