View Full Version : Vvyanese and 6 year old

10-03-15, 06:11 PM
I am looking for good forum sites and info for a six year old just on medicine (Vvyanese). Any good tips for record keeping of the adjustment of the new med. Also, did this work for anxiety and sensory problems for anyone? Any good research sites you could send?

10-04-15, 02:30 AM
Look for YouTube videos about ADHD done by Russell Barkley. Also any book by him that interests you.

Also look for a section on this forum called "Dizfriz's Corner". It has a lot of excellent information for parents of children with ADHD.

As far as record keeping, here's what I think is important:

- Keep track of any bad effects you notice, how bad they are, and if they stick around or if they start to get better

- Whatever were the main things that you told the doctor was wrong, are those problems improving? Keep notes on that.

P.S. Welcome to the forum!

10-04-15, 05:44 AM
A simple notebook should help you track differences in behaviors etc.