View Full Version : Mallinckrodt vs. Zendedi

10-04-15, 02:47 PM
From what I can tell, by checking the zenzedi thread on this section of the forums, zenzedi has a very low side effect profile and very few fillers.

I currently take the mallinckrodt generic form of dex but am thinking about trying zenzedi 15mg tabs. One thing I would like for sure would be having only one copay at the pharmacy. Also, I would like to add an additional dose to my regimen but don't want to have the stigma of getting hundreds of mallinckrodt pills - it's not worth it for me. Right now I get 90 ten mg and 90 five mg to make up my 15mg 3x a day schedule.

So, there are some pros to switching to zenzedi but I am always hesitant and I feel like mallinckrodt is the most normal I have ever felt on meds because of the few side effects. Does anyone have any advice on the comparison between mallinclrodt and zenzedi?

10-10-15, 04:00 PM
I think they are both great. I liked the 15 mg Zenzedi I got when I got them but the pharmacy that could order them couldn't but they last the longest out of all of them. I did well on both. I am oddly okay with the Corepharma 10 mg ones I have gotten too. The only ones I personally avoid are the Barr brand of them for anything. They work great in my opinion. They are all the same size. I keep checking pharmacies to order the 30 mg tablets because I hate having to take 2 10 mg tabs 3-4 times/day. Mallinckrodt always requires an extra dose for me. I hate the 180 pill thing every month myself. I'd try them but good luck finding anywhere that has them. The site has a number that will call you back and help though.