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10-06-15, 12:49 AM
Hi guys,

I hope you can help me on this.

For the past year since being diagnosed as inattentive ADD, my psychiatrist started me off with dexamphetamine. I hesitantly said that my concentration improved when it didn't because I wasn't even sure! So he documented that it improved unfortunately. Even being on the highest dose 25mg my concentration was still poor.

So my psychiatrist tried me out on Ritalin. This made me worse as I got really depressed and anxious. Even on the highest dose it didn't help with concentration.

I went back on dexamphetamine. The major depression and anxiety stopped, and I went back to not feeling anything.

It sucks that I'm still feeling blank, foggy.

I asked my psychiatrist if there are any medications I could try and was told that I'd just have to stick with the dexamphetamine. I felt saddened. The only thing it has helped was feeling less tired during the day, less yawny. But no improvement in attention!

I asked about Strattera but he refused to prescribe me, not even to try because he said it's not PBS, I'm not eligible for discount rate because of being diagnosed late. He said that he's experienced and knows it won't work that great for me.

So is it true of what he said? That there isn't any medications for my type of ADD?
There should be something that can treat it!

What about medications for narcolepsy. It can indirectly help with attention as I'm hearing report about that.

Little Missy
10-06-15, 07:10 AM
Maybe the dose of dex was too high. Ask your doc.