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10-06-15, 02:23 PM
Hi folks, new member, thanks for having me. I have found that buproprion (welbutrin) has been fairly effective for my adult A.D.D. A few months ago, I was encountering more stress in my job and life, and starting to fall back into my ADD ways, like speaking inappropriately and out of turn, racing thoughts, etc. I asked my doc if I could try a different medication, like say Straterra. He said I should stick with the welbutrin but he increased the dose and changed it to extended release. I also have a habit of using alcohol to self medicate, and being a heavy drinker since my teens, its hard to change. I tend to binge, and go for weeks even months between binges. After the last two binges, since I have been on the new prescription, I am very nervous, upset, even paranoid for days, with the shakes. Never did this happen before! Of course its a good reason to quit drinking, or at least binging, but I am wondering if anyone else has experianced this? Also, I see you can get a combination of bupropion/naltrexone. The naltrexone is for alcohol withdrawel. Anyone know about this? Thanks so much!

10-06-15, 02:40 PM
Well you have a major problem and the fact that you would rather find a med combo rather than stop drinking is a major indicator of alcoholism. I speak from experience. The wellbutrin increases your seizure risk and sudden alcohol withdrawl like say, after a binge puts you at risk for seizure. So to combine the two and youre playing with fire. The naltrexone I believe is the one that makes you violently ill if you drink on it. It doesnt help with withdrawl.

10-06-15, 05:35 PM
Welcome, new member!

I believe you need to seek help for your drinking problem. That would be the best thing for you to do at this time. You really shouldn't even be drinking while on Wellbutrin. Are there any rehab facilities near you?

10-08-15, 12:37 AM
There's a few side effects you mentioned worth taking careful consideration of. While taking Wellbutrin (Bupropion) with alcohol it can increase your risk of experiencing seizures, delirium, and depression, anxiety, and other behavioral problems. These risks increase if you suddenly abstain from binge use of alcohol while on Bupropion.

Aside from drug interactions, the amount of alcohol you consume can play a large role in these experiences. Alcohol withdrawal syndrome is also in and of itself dangerous. Excessive use, or severe use disorder can lead to delirium tremens or the DT's when you suddenly withdrawal from prolonged use of alcohol.

Mixing alcohol and anti-depressants is a bad idea anyways. You stand a higher risk of seizure activity because of it.