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08-18-03, 11:15 AM
Hello all!
I have had this website for a while, but since I get so busy, I don`t get to update it too often... but there are some recent photos on there.. some links are broken, but just ignore those.

I also moved into a new place, but havn`t put the link from the home page... I did some cool panoramic shots though...

08-18-03, 11:23 AM
Very visually stimulating.

Your love tester ranks me and my wife as "Hot, Hot Hot"... fortunately... :D :D :D

08-18-03, 11:32 AM
"It's not about whether you win or lose...until you win...and then it is..." -- great quote Slowpoke...from the Triatholon section...I could literally read that section all day....especially all the stuff about swimming...I would KILL to have a body like the way....assuming the pictures are indeed of YOU...anyway, thanks for sharing your site.....I'm sure all that triathalon stuff must really help your ADD symptoms, huh???:)

08-18-03, 07:39 PM
he he..
those photos aren`t of me.
I`m the dorky looking one with the hat on.
The other two are Melissa Spooner and Lori Bowden, two very great Ironwomen of Canada. The guy is my boyfriend, Adam.

THanks for the feedback :)

08-19-03, 07:24 PM
Very well done! :)