View Full Version : What time of day do you take Lamotrigine/Lamactil?

10-08-15, 01:55 AM
Just curious because I'm trying to see if my meds are making me sleepy. I take it right when I wake up in the morning. What about you?

10-08-15, 04:14 AM
I take lamictal twice a day because I have absorption issues. I take it morning and evening and have never noticed any daytime or nighttime sleepiness with it.

10-08-15, 04:29 AM
It used to make me super sleepy so I always took them at night before going to bed. Didn't help much though. They still made me sleepy

08-03-16, 10:46 PM
I take it at night, but it doesn't seem to help with my sleep issues at all.

12-10-16, 06:03 AM
Never noticed any interference with my sleep schedule on this. I took it in the AM for a couple weeks but it gave me headaches. Switched to bedtime and I'm good.