View Full Version : ADHD in Bulgaria,medical system,treatment

10-08-15, 11:44 AM
If anyone can help get me some more medical information about how ADHD is treated in Bulgaria?
I cannot find any website that provides any details about the health system and how it deals with it.. Does insurance covers treatment.
Is it diagnosed easy? By whom? Teachers at school or special behavioral doctors.
All i found was just basic description of what ADHD is-usually translated from some USA website and it doesnt apply to the situation in Bulgaria.
Thank you

10-08-15, 03:59 PM
For you or for a child? I'm not Bulgarian and I don't speak the language either, so I can't really help you, but I do live across the border and I doubt our medical system is any better. I'm currently diagnosed and medicated for ADHD- it was a long road, but it was worth it. Only a psychiatrist can diagnose a mental disorder, regardless of the country, so I suggest you see one.