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10-08-15, 02:29 PM

Tick tock
Time mercilessly flew past me
the years follow as my pores age in me
another treadmill day
with colleagues, strangers, acquintance
I forgot which is which
catch you on facebook?
Another baby photo?
Or another victim in this new world
Where are we cycling to?

10-08-15, 02:31 PM

If there is God, I wish for a new head
to avert this turtle head, so slow it makes me sweat
what have I done to deserve this
whatya you want from me
Cant think, cant write, cant organize
this stupidity dripping down my neck
24/7 I wrestle with it
this turtle head
spare me, amputate it, I want a refund!
whatya want from me?

10-08-15, 02:31 PM
Judgement day

If there is only a day for reckoning
I wish it will be with you
I dont need more
just another day with you
to taste your lips 1 last time
another movie
another song
another day
by my side
Greed is good, so Geko says
but another day is all I ask
wake up wake up
turtle head; get med., get going, get feelings out
Another day is all we have

10-08-15, 02:32 PM
For you

Everytime I see you
I can't but take a 2nd look
If there is God, I'll say thanks
Thanks for bringing you to me
Thanks for the memories, the emotions,
tribulations, joy and occasion loneliness
I cannot contain myself
to the love I endure to you
If I should go, I wish, selfishly
I go before you
For it ain't worth living, without you

10-08-15, 02:32 PM

10 ton beast, on the move
shoulders up, hackles raised
ready to pounce, and retaliate
With all my might, I push and heaved
To no avail, I concede
How to annihilate this Goliath
stalking my brain for 38
I hate adhd
mother ****er freak

10-08-15, 02:33 PM
Rewind days

clip clip
how's your day
another unproductive day I am sure
Why not **** the rest of it too
with another daydreaming sin
forget focus, forget schedules, forget boredom
think of the sun, sea, the sand
baking under the California sun
next to your loveliest adhd pal

10-08-15, 02:34 PM
Original high

Do you remember the time?
When you have the original high
The first amphetamine in your throat
as it sways down the esophagus
then the eureka moment, the light bulb
in your turtle head
The original high

Remember the time
when you fall in love
with this acid pill, down your throat
whistling dopamine to your system
can think, can organise, can learn, can remember
Those were the days, until tolerance stormed in

10-08-15, 02:35 PM
Wise man

Wise man
what's the deal?
Tell me what is wrong with you
no, no, not your pretty pretty executive functions
not your temporal lobe, nor your dopamine synapse
no no think harder, you midget, narrow-hearted pig
It is you overwhelming me with your perfect grey matter
your snobbish snug at my underdeveloped turtle head
your sarcasm at my tiny yellow pill (18mg)
and your belittling at my colour tabs
I was sent here by the lord above,
to warn you
take heed, one day, you may just be like me
A broken head

10-08-15, 05:51 PM
Tolerance strike

The tailwind groans
the speedometer spikes
As I fathom, quickly, my next strike
I can't help but remember you
your face, your lips, your hair, you
Just as well, the Goliath moves
In decisive speed I replied
Win or loss?
I try not to think of death
But with each strike
I considered my last memory of you
Finally my heart is pierced
Tolerance strikes
I lost my high with this poison pill
The Goliath(Adhd) won
Memories of you fade quickly
I regress..
David lost

10-08-15, 06:04 PM

“The flight is taking off in 20 minutes. Please get ready for boarding. Thank you for traveling with us. “

I can't remember our last conversation
It ended with shouts aplenty
I tried to explain myself
But it seems, in the heat of it,
I was lost in translation
The ache of leaving burns into my heart
Destination; homeless soul

It seems, you tried to be mean, just to alleviate the leaving sorrow
I can't help falling into my own abyss too
Why are we fighting so hard?
Shouldn't love overcome all?
Or am I just fooling myself?
The ache of leaving burns into my heart
Destination; homeless soul

In a few minutes, the flight leaves
Still no sigh of you
I can't help but anguish over the last fight
Is this how it shall end?
A losing story
The ache of leaving burns into my heart
Destination; homeless soul
Destination; homeless soul

I suddenly remember our first meeting
Face blushing, I chat you up
As I stutter my way along, your smile made my day
What happened to us?
Is it time, is it me, or is it just an overdue memory?
Destination; homeless soul

10-10-15, 04:16 PM
Act 2

When I was young
I dance only to my beat
Flexing my world at the scruff of the neck
I demand perfection at every beat
Ignoring my inner-voices
I conquer my purported needs

Full of pride I patted my shoulders
I demanded likewise in my manhood years
Alas what goes around comes around
My inner-voice caught up with me
Cracking my joint at the peak
I tripped and wrecked my every being
An abrupt revelation; I just linger
in my youthful, bashful days

Now healing my wounds and reflecting deep
I plead guilty, and appeal for a lesser verdict
I wait, with bated breath,
my temple's response
to renouncing of my past deeds

10-11-15, 02:52 PM

Pave another line
and I am done
I think I said that 2 lines ago
Wondered why they call them coke
Nothing to do with Mcdonald's
Psychosis can be fun
I always argue
as I drift in another line
Tomorrow seems eternal away,
when you are in the moment
Until the dreaded crash
The eternal question; dough for the next moment

The landlord pounded
The utility bills climb
Suddenly, I remembered an overdue lunch
Eternal question; paycheck for the so on and so forth

The baby stirred, the decibel rise
I think he skipped lunch too
Family means, feeding pains—weary thought
Eternal question; milk powder for another day

They say, wake up or ship out
But self-destruct, I always argue
is society's fault
Supply and demand, economies 101
Furthermore, sub-prime, outsourcing, inflation
eternal reasons for greenback pains
Doesn't these eternal chase bug you too?

10-12-15, 01:48 PM
I love you too

The teddy bear sits
just next to her
Still disinterested, bored (I think),
she stares above
Another victim on planet earth
Sex really is a double-edged sword
never know what comes out

Suddenly she eyeball me
as if reading my thoughts
Then a chuckle, and the first words
' asss …..hole'
Wow, too much TV? Or telekinetic
Despite that, I fumbled my handphone
Too late to record
She moves on to her next dimension

10-12-15, 01:53 PM

The queue was long
Not again
All amnesia?
So it began, I cut in too
Rigged of stench
I stood with the crowd
Sub-zero today
I urged myself; more body heat
Half-baked soup
2 pieces of wheat
Dare I ask more?
Broken shoes, torn jacket
Yet my self-esteem forbid more
I envy you
the 8-5
Sense of pride, I can only watch
Karma is good to you, I console myself
Back to the soup, elk, an acquired taste

10-13-15, 03:14 PM

Click click click
The typewriter sang
then silent
I ran out
How to say the 4-letter word
in paper, cemented words
I wish I am a gorilla
All I need; thump my chest
Use your mouth, stupid
Not a salesman, can't sell
The ink dried
too many rewrites
Save the trees, for heaven's sake
Keep dying, I announce
Click click