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10-09-15, 11:14 AM
Psycho's replies to my recent rather stressed and troubled posts got me thinking and a short while ago I suddenly had this crazy thought:

"My brain's been a real trooper recently".

I very rarely think nice things about my brain. On the contrary. I subject it to constant criticism, ridicule and sometimes downright nastiness. I've realised though that it actually hasn't been doing too badly recently.

The last few months haven't been easy. Nothing major. Just little issues but they tend to get me down. Summer is always tough, mainly because both my in-laws and my parents come to visit and my work becomes more unstructured. To make things worse this summer I quit smoking, I quit my medication, (I even quit my freaking omega 3 supplements) and cut down drastically on alcohol, basically all the things that kept me going. And I struggled more than I'd like to admit, my mood took quite a big hit, anxiety starting flaring up and I kept worrying that I'll fall back into depression. But I didn't. Not really. I found other stuff to keep me going. Then a few weeks after realising how much strict routines; walking, swimming and other sports; and strictly playing the piano every day, helped me with EVERYTHING, I first sprained my ankle rather badly (and then my neck, though thankfully that didn't last very long) and I've had to stop all of that and a lot more, including the freaking piano. And my mood started crashing again. I got quite bitter, supremely frustrated and extremely stressed about work and again, I thought, I'm just a few thoughts away from depression but nope, I think, I'm still ok. I get upset, frustrated, annoyed and stressed but not depressed. Not yet, at least. I always expect it to return at some point but 2015 has been almost incredibly good. Incredibly. If anyone had told me in the last 12 years that there might be an extended period of time when I'd be depression free, I wouldn't have believed them.

My brain has been kind to me this year.

It's not just my brain, of course. Everyone has been super supportive. My in-laws, my parents and most of all hubby. And you guys. (You guys!!! :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug::grouphug:)

Apologies for getting super soppy (I blame ibuprofen..) and it's time to get back to work before i get stressed and start posting again about how **** life is. :rolleyes:;)

Anyway, I just wanted to say that irrespective of my million posts to the contrary recently; I think, I'm ok. :)

(Also,...THANKS :grouphug:)

10-09-15, 12:46 PM
I hope this kind of "unfamiliar" thought becomes more familiar to you!