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10-10-15, 05:50 AM

Nothing in life is done without enthusiasm
so some self-help muses
I have them, I echoed aloud
lest for this broken, air head
Stubbornly deflating all my vision of life
A cure please
I protest and pray every nano-sec
Drug yourself, stupid
so you, my dear compatriot advise with glee
I tried them, I tried them so hard and happily, then, my dear comrade
Nearly killed me

10-10-15, 05:51 AM
Humming Bee

Broken head, broken body
story of my life
All dreams, ambitions wishful thinkning
I remember euthanasia
The end of all despairs
Or an escape, a cowardice act?
Life is a miracle, some argue
Haven't you seen Stephen Hawkings?
I'll rather swap with him, frankly speaking

I saw a humming bee lately
diligently working for his survival
With vigor, enthusiasm, purpose, he paddles along
I wish for his karma, if it exist
better these unproductive days

10-10-15, 05:51 AM
Prince of Thieves

Prince of Thieves
I name this Goliath in me
Stalking these what you call
Dopamine synapses
Stealing my dreams, my life, my ambitions
at every awakening conscious
Peeling me, memory by memory, to a store assistant's career
Stacking toiletries, sweeping floors
for $9.50 per hour
I say **** you Goliath
And **** you too, God

10-10-15, 05:52 AM
What's your karma?

What's your karma, my dear compatriot
I imagined mine a bandit, a pimp, even a suicide bomber
How else would me, or we, bestowed this broken head?
So much sadness, anguish, lost dreams and pain carrying it
What's that you are saying?
A tyrant, I see
Ah, maybe that is why you are here
reading me

10-10-15, 05:53 AM

'Wake up everybody. Is rock and roll time'
so my alarm clock rings
Another day, another morning, another dabbling
in self-pity
Rain or shine, morning or night
This Goliath stalks day and night
I cannot, for the life of me, compete in this race
Spare me, I, David, plead this Goliath
It just laughs and belittles
and continues his ways
to my dopamine synapse

This battle is long lost
so much for rock and roll
Methylphenidate, amphetamine I tried them all
Tolerance struck, I hope you understand
Self-pity was never my vibe
until Goliath showed his wares
Forgive me God
Self-pity is now my surrender to life
Slit the throat now Goliath
Slit the throat

10-10-15, 06:03 AM
Living blues

So tell me, my compatriot
Tell me please
How does it feel to carry a broken head?
I argue the greatest gift in life
is between the ears
But how is ours doing?
A broken circuit that refuses to burg
Tormenting days with unpromised aspirations
Dictating careers, friendships, love and family
The tracks of my tears
fill the airways of this thread
I hope you are not so blue today too
Or any other awakening days

10-10-15, 06:59 AM
Breaking pieces

Breaking pieces, hurting my psych
How do you feel if all is shattered
Without a trace of blood
They say I am fine
But how do you know how it really hurts
The pain slurring every nerve, even past the speech
I can't tell you how much it hurts
I can't tell you how much it hurts

Breaking pieces, cracking my soul
How do you feel, if all is to no avail
Sands of time, trickling by
yet I can't tell you how it really hurts

Breaking pieces, blurring my sight
Like the constellations, dimming ever so every sec
The pictures of life so stale it hurts
How can I pass each day without filth?

Breaking pieces, tormenting my heart
Echoes of love draining, fading, in my veins
My love of life; last caress
Pictures of you, like old photographs
Slowly fading, losing its lustre
I can't tell you how much it hurts
Breaking pieces, oh how much it hurts
I pray for another day of unconsciousness
So I can stop thinking how much it hurts

10-10-15, 12:03 PM

Like, any hot-blooded mammal
I have this craving to understand life
As it twists and curls with time
The memories you gather, seeming priceless
sometimes nostalgia, many full of delight
But you, you are uninvited
for you are wounded, an unfortunate slight

Like, any hot-blooded bloke
I have this longing to caress love
As it embodies your being and you make her yours
The receding afterglow, last a lifetime, with each encounter
But you, you are uninvited
for you are cursed, an unfortunate slight

Like, any hot-blooded man
I lust for meaning and learning
The ecstasy of imparting knowledge
and success of your station, in life
Makes the journey worthwhile and purposeful
But you, you are uninvited
for you are stabbed, by Goliath himself, an unfortunate slight