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10-10-15, 07:13 PM
Hey everyone,

My Quick Background:

Text-book adhd here. Been on med's since second grade. Currently 24. Very driven and overachiever. Ex-Investment Banker and graduated with highest honors.

My Quick Problem:

I have been on adderall everyday for over 15 years. Due to such, the tolerance I have built up resulted in me being on:
- 60MG XR in the morning
- 10MG IR every 4 hours throughout the day
- 30MG XR at 4PM

Throughout the years - I have been on many types of ADD medications - including Straterra, Focalin, Vyvanse, Intuniv, Concerta, ect... Nothing worked, and we always went back to adderall.

I took advantage of down time after leaving my most recent employment to go off all the meds to see if I even still have ADD or if I am just physically dependent on the meds. After an extremely difficult two months of withdrawal, I reached baseline with no meds. The ADD symptoms came back. I then went back on adderall, at a very small dose.

I am now having to increase it again (after 3 months of the small dose) because I am running into the same problem I had for the last 15 years of my life - the decreasing efficacy of this medication on me.

My Solution:

I am currently building out a way to track my mental state multiple times throughout the day so I can objectively monitor the tolerance build and the data underlying such. I am going to be trying out medications once I have enough data and monitoring the results.

The data points I am going to be taking into account include:
- Periodic Luminosity type minigames (measuring focus, concentration, and short-term memory)
- Sleep quality monitoring
- Tracking average time spent per app
- Frequency of checking phone
- Periodic mood pop-up questions

My Question:

Has anyone else struggled with objectively getting a picture of their medications efficacy and effect on your life? Would anyone else be interested in potentially using this type of thing if I built and made open source. It is going to be very rudimentary as of now (complete side project) - but I am absolutely convinced there is no way I am the only person with this struggle.