View Full Version : Can you have both bipolar and adult ADD

10-10-15, 09:38 PM
I think I have both symptoms. I know self diagnose is bad I'm going to see psy soon. anyone diagnosed with both? What is typical drugs for adult with bipolar and ADD

10-10-15, 11:28 PM
Yes, it is possible to have both.

Many adults with bipolar disorder are also diagnosed with ADHD. ADHD often co-occurs with mood disorders and anxiety disorders, among others.

In terms of medication, stimulants can trigger mania in some people. Some adults with bipolar disorder and ADHD can take a stimulant along with a mood stabilizer and/or antidepressant. Depending on your medical history, symptoms, and response to medications, a doctor might try a different approach (nonstimulant medications, antidepressants that work on dopamine, antipsychotics, or other medications, depending on your needs).

Glad you will be able to see a professional soon -- dealing with one or the other (or with both) can be tricky, so having someone who knows their stuff is critical.

Best wishes!

10-13-15, 11:23 AM
Its uncommon to not have the two occur together.

10-13-15, 02:33 PM
Its uncommon to not have the two occur together.
I'm guessing that you mean it's uncommon to have bipolar without ADHD?

Certainly it's extremely common to have ADHD without bipolar?

Or am I misunderstanding you?

11-03-15, 11:42 PM
Yes, I'm living proof!



11-09-15, 05:34 AM
Yes and iMO the diagnosis' should be done separately. I was diagnosed adhd when I was in first grade but the bipolar II came when i was 21.

11-09-15, 06:44 AM
Its uncommon to not have the two occur together.

I don't think that's accurate. They do very often occur together but not in the majority of cases.

I think, often one is misdiagnosed for the other. Bipolar disorder can be accompanies by issues with cognitive function and ADHD often comes with problems with emotional regulation, which can look like mood swings. And yes, often they do occur together.

I was first diagnosed with BP 2 and then ADHD. Apparently the way to tell them apart is to look at the nature of your mood swings. If they are triggered and in line with environmental factors it's more likely to be just due to adhd. If they are episodic in nature, last for at least 4 days for bp 2 and 7 days for bp 1 (though I think that might be changing) and don't necessarily have an environmental trigger (ie they are irrational), then it's more likely to be Bp.

I haven't had any severe mood swings since starting stimulants for ADHD so I think it's unlikely I'm bipolar.