View Full Version : About to be on ritalin. Advice?

10-14-15, 02:50 PM
I am about to go on ritalin next week. I got diagnosed with Adhd and i have a friend who suffers from the same thing and he told me that a few weeks after taking ritalin it was like his brain learned all of a sudden how to concentrate on one thing and work. At first he took ritalin often but after like a month he did it only when he was in a bad situation. What i want to ask is it true that after a while you can concentrate even without the pill? like you start remembering how it was working on the pill and you can in a smaller degree concentrate and work ?

10-14-15, 03:36 PM
For most people, that's not the case.

ADHD isn't about not knowing how to do things, it's about not being able to do things even though we know how to do them. It's a problem of execution (carrying out tasks/plans) and self-regulation.

Ritalin only works while it's in your system -- it doesn't permanently cure ADHD.

There may be some "carry-over" benefits for some people -- for example, if you're able to keep your work-space organized better while taking Ritalin, then if you miss a day of Ritalin, your work-space may still be better organized, which can help you function better. Similarly, if you've been functioning better while taking medication, you may feel more confident in your abilities and less stressed out, which can help even if you miss a pill.

But for most people who take medication for ADHD, the ADHD will still be present. Only when the medication is in someone's system will it treat the ADHD. Some people with very mild ADHD may do OK without medication, and only need to take medication if they have a task that requires special focus, but for most people with less-mild ADHD, the medication is more helpful when taken on a daily basis.